The “Blind Spotting Performance Series “ was launched with the performance “Blind Spotting” , a piece performed by 8 dancers which premiered at the Sophiensaele theater in Berlin in spring 2014. The “Blind Spotting Performance series” includes at this point; “Blind Spotting-film version”, an artistic film created with Antoine Verbiése from the original 8 dancers performance, the duet performance “Spotted” which premiered in autumn 2014 during slingan tour in Sweden and the solo performance “In the Blind Spot” which premiered at the Sophiensaele theater in Berlin spring 2015.  All the pieces stand as singular works and can as well be presented together as a whole. 


The series was born from the need to make space on the contemporary stage for the vulnerability of the anti-hero. It presents the viewer a new unseen physical language, one that offers a surrendering marked by a special form of heaviness as well as extreme sensitivity, and is revealing and provocative at the same time.  The idea behind the series was to create a body of works born from the same source which would  feed of one another. Simultaneously creating a situation where the people involved could have the opportunity to develop and work over a longer period of time on the same topic and the type of physiological language born from it. 

The main topic of the series as a whole is the vulnerability of the fragile bodies constituting the achievement-oriented society of our times. Tracing the consequences of bodies obliged to ‘self-design’, showing symptoms of burn out and alienation the performance works attempt to bring out the ‘cracks’ in the ‘ruined’ body and reveal the invisible and hidden places of this body. Whilst it might be a spent and numb body  it´s state is celebrated as a denial of the imperative to achieve and contrasts the logic of hyperactivity with another kind of energy and strength. A body that opposes influences and exerts a subversive power on its environment. Transferring itself, as a kind of physical-energetic contagion, onto the bodies of the audience. From the starting point of letting the body fall and surrender completely, this body continues it´s emptying and disintegrating to the extreme during the performances. The disintegration of the body of the performers is continued inwardly simultaneously by the audience through the steady, slow and hypnotic transformation taking place in front of their eyes.

Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir