Soft Target Installed (2013) is a continuation of the solo choreography Soft Target (2010). In a spacing released from theatrical tradition the audience is confronted with several dancers to expand the research on what separates the subject from the gaze.

Soft Target Installed belongs to the Soft Target triology which consist of; solo performance Soft Target (2010), site specific quartet performance Soft Target Installed (2013) and black box trio Targeted (2014). The works of this trilogy deal with confronting the idea of the “Self” in an attempt to tear down the fabric of what separates the subject from the gaze. The performances are meant to invite the audience to direct their gaze inwards in order to have a scrutinizing inner dialog on how they watch, perceive, project, react and create. Dissecting the conditioned mind and its patterns to reconsider the way they operate, which might lead to renegotiation on issues like engagement and interest on all levels.

Soft Target Installed was commissioned by The Reykjavík Dance Festival in Iceland. It was performed at the Harpa music hall in Reykjavík Iceland on the 25th of august 2013 within the context of the Reykjavík Dance Festival.




Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir


Peter Rehberg (PITA)


Gordon Spragg


Johanna Chemnitz, Angela Schubot, Catherine Jodoin, Simo Kellokumpu.

Vincent Roumagnac, original photograph top left corner by Tom Akinleminu for the solo performance Soft Target(2010)


Tanzfabrik Berlin and “advancing performing arts project (apap) production studio berlin”/EU Culture program.