-FULL DROP-  A practice grounded in bringing the physiological, emotional and psychological states of the body together

The workshops and open professional classes I conduct are an introduction to the sensation and state-oriented practice Full Drop. A practice which I’ve been developing and researching since 2010 in relation to my choreographic works. It focuses on deep myo fascial release through visualisation, meditation and verbal dialoging aiming to guide participants towards a so called Full Drop into the body. Training heightened listening and awareness of the multiple autonomous inner systems of the body and how to tap into their rhythms and be able to experience the various full body state sensations that accommodate this type of deep myo facial realase and inner listening.

By fully dropping into the body and entering a meditative space where time ceases to exist, the conditions are created to release self-manipulation and physical control and allow active intentions to empty out. Physical and mental surrendering to non doing opens up a clearer perception of the ever-present multiple inner movements and rythms of the body´s interior, through which you can develop an increased awareness of your current as well as immananet inner states. Subjective sensorial experiences can unravel and reveal another reality to the practitioner making visible to them what was formerly unconscious.

Opening blocked the matter and connecting to and getting conscious of that which goes on within, beyond the conditioned body memory, is  a healing process as well as an introduction to intensified and new sensorial physical experiences. While the practice itself is gentle the decision to let go of control and enter into the unknown and subconcious parts of yourself is profound. Thus during this practice of unwinding and undoing, both emotional and physiological barriers of resistance can be met.

Working with and sharing a practice of de-conditioning which is in itself directly healing and holistic is a conscious political gesture. It was developed whilst creating a body of artistic works that addresses the mental, emotional and physical state of the citizens living in our current social political environment. Combining 10 years of research within the artistic field of dance as well as my study of the Perceptive Pedagogy/Fascia therapy method of french osteopath Dani Bois during 2015-2019. A unique practice and approach to body work within the field of dance has been developed and is there to be shared.

Workshops on the Full drop Into The Body practice has taken place in the following places; MA program in choreography at the Theater Academy of the Uniarts in Helsinki, BA dance program at DOCH in Stockholm, BA choreography program of the Academy National di Danza in Rome, The Icelandic Dance company, BA dance program of the University of Arts in Iceland. Professional dancers training and workshop program at Dansalliansen and Dance Centrum in Stockholm, Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Zodiak dance centre and theater in Helsinki,  Kiezkieken- program workshops for refugee women in Berlin.