- Somatic Charting. The House is the Body Initiated by dance curator Elena Basteri, Lorenzo Sandoval and Benjamin Busch (The Institute for Endotic Research), the transdisciplinary project  develops around the theme of somatic.  3 day lab at TIER in Berlin with Guðjónsdóttir November 12-14th 2021. Link:

-Collaboration with visual artist and film maker Hulda Rós Guðnadóttir and composer Guðný Guðmunds on the film project SILICA.

-Ongoing collaboration with philosopher Prf. Susan Kozel at Malmö University on Somatic Archiving.

-Premiere / Opening of choreographic exhibition installation Bodily Interfaces, Berlin February 2022.

- A commissioned contribution for the publication "Lie & Theft as Practice".  Artistic Director and Editor Darko Dragičević. Series of Goethe-Institut, 2021.

-On going dialog with Italian philosopher Dr. Lucilla Guidi who researches in her post doctoral at Hildesheim University; "Performance and language-games as transformative events. On the systematic relationship between aesthetic and philosophical exercises in Guðjónsdóttir’s somatic choreography and Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language".


-Invitation from SKUDA Alliance for Actors and Dancers and PRODA classes for professional dancers, teachers and choreographers in Olso. Sharing of the Choreographic method in relation to the artistic vision of Gudjonsdottir works. In Oslo, 13-17th December 2021. 

-FULL DROP at RAVENDANS Festival in Norway 28th june- 3rd july, 2021 CANCELLED 

-FULL DROP workshop at Green Room in Köln Germany, for registration use following link:  POSTPONED TO 2022

-FULL DROP  workshop in Berlin Germany spring -summer 2021 organized by Frederike Dolfin: POSTPONED

-FULL DROP  workshop in Basel Switzerland 10,11th April 2021 organized by Eli Ghita Burghartz: POSTPONED

-FULL DROP at  a. pass Research Center in Brussels Belgium 2021 POSTPONED