Icelandic choreographer and dancer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir was born in Reykjavík in 1978. She studied at the dance department of the Art Academy, ARTEZ in Arnheim and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and graduated in 2002. She currently lives and works in Berlin. Margrét Sara co-founded with Sveinbjörg Þórhallsdóttir the production house Panic productions in Reykjavík Iceland. A production house which was active from 2004-2009 and produced and initiated collaborative performance works with foreign artist.

For the last 10 years the main themes of her works have been a study on the social political body within our own body and how that reality is expressed and felt. Consequently she has focused her professional research on physical doorways into physiological, psychological and emotional sub worlds association with deep tissue release. Developing the sensation and state-oriented practice Full Drop. She began the process of mapping out a new category of performative body language, ways of developing it further, and transferring this knowledge to others. The working methods directly inform the theme of the artistic works, and extend beyond the limits of performance making. The first artistic work created from this on going research was in 2013. From then onwards she and her longer term collaborators have put emphasis on dedicating a longer period of time to work in-depth on specific artistic topics and develop the ambitious and detailed physiological language and performance practice necessary to convey it. They have performed the works internationally since 2010. Electronic music maker Peter Rehberg (PITA), director and owner of the music label Edition MEGO, has created the soundtracks to all the performances. Long term collaborators are as well performers Laura Siegmund, Suet-Wan Tsang and Johanna Chemnitz. Margrét Saras work has been supported consistently by MDT in Stockholm, Inkonst in Malmö, WP zimmer in Antwerpen, LOKAL & RDF in Iceland, Sophiensaele in Berlin and Dansehallerne in Copenhagen. 

During 2015 Margrét Sara became the first artist in residence at the Cullberg Ballet in Stockholm. Creating her second commissioned work for the Cullberg Ballet in 2017. Since 2017 she has had an on going collaboration with philosophy Professor Susan Kozel at Malmö University in Sweden. Which is where phenomenology and the artistic works and practice meet. Margrét Sara was one of 10 selected artists sharing working space at the Flutgraben artists studio building in Berlin during the period march 2019- February 2020, and curating collaboratively the ”Flutgraben Performance Series” events. Professor Lucilla Guidi ( postdoctoral) at Hildesheim University is currently working on the research project “Performance and language games as transformative events”. Which focuses on the systematic relationship between aesthetic and philosophical exercises based on Guðjónsdóttir’s somatic choreography and Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language. The research project aims to establish a systematic connection between aesthetic and philosophical practice. Margrét Sara started a long term collaboration with Icelandic visual artist and filmmaker Hulda Rós Guðnadóttir in 2019.  

The Full Drop practice has been taught at the; MA program in choreography at the Theater Academy of the Uniarts in Helsinki, MA Choreography program and BA dance program at DOCH in Stockholm, BA choreography program of the Academy National di Danza in Rome, The Icelandic Dance company, Cullberg Ballet dance company in Stockholm, Professional dancers training and workshop program at both Dansalliansen and Dance Centrum in Stockholm, Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Zodiak dance centre and theater in Helsinki, BA dance program of the University of Arts in Iceland, Praxis Festival in Oslo, Aaden Dans in Roskilde Denmark, RAVENDANS festival Norway, Kiezkieken- workshops for refugee women and children in Berlin, SKUDA Alliance for Actors and Dancers and PRODA classes for professional dancers Oslo, a. pass Research Center Brussels in Belgium, Hildesheim University Germany, Green Room training center for artists in Köln Germany,  Kiezkieken- workshops for refugee women and children in Berlin. As well as at various spaces in Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, Basel and at academic conferences around Europe, within the field of dance, artistic research, performance studies and philosophy and in relation to her performance work.